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Boom Gate Gallery
Inmate Artwork from NSW Correctional Centres


How can I purchase artwork?

If you see a work on our website you’d like to purchase, email or phone the Gallery on (+61) 02 9289 2077 to arrange payment by card over the phone. Alternatively, you can visit the gallery in person.

What percentage of the sale price goes back to the artist?

75% of the sale price goes back to the inmate, they have access to this money while they are in gaol. Inmates can send this money to their families or purchase their next canvas to paint on. 25% of the sale price contributes to the gallery running costs.

Does the gallery mail artwork?

Unfortunately the gallery cannot mail artworks, the buyer needs to collect the work or organize a courier, we can send a list of recommended art couriers.

Does the gallery only exhibit art from Long Bay Gaol?

Most of the gallery’s art is made at Long Bay Gaol but some comes from other Correctional Centres across Sydney and NSW. The gallery also supports inmates post-release by continuing to sell their art.

Does the gallery only sell paintings?

In addition to paintings, the gallery sells works on paper, greeting cards, painted clapsticks, small sculptures and paintings on unstretched canvas.

How are the prices determined?

The prices are set by the inmate in collaboration with gallery staff.

Does the gallery exhibit in locations other than Long Bay?

Yes, the gallery does pop-up exhibitions for NAIDOC week, conferences, fund raisers, markets. Please contact the gallery for further information.

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Last updated: 19 Sep 2020